Thursday, January 29, 2009

We are under contract!

We came to an agreement on the house in Windham and we are so so so excited about it!

Our closing is set for February 27th, just 29 days away! It's also our 5 month wedding anniversary. (Oddly enough we came to an agreement on January 27th as well...there must be something around the number 27 and us).

We have our inspections scheduled for Wednesday at 9am and I'm optimistic that they'll be fine.

We were also able to lock in at a 5% rate! The great thing is that if it drops we can adjust it down as well. Our mortgage guy is pretty great especially since the rates did increase later in the afternoon yesterday.

So now we need to pack. I hate packing.

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Kristine said...

Yeah! Congratulations Jaime. You must be so excited. You gonna start filling that big house with babies? My babies need cousins close in age-get to work!