Friday, January 16, 2009

The last hour on a Friday afternoon...

...and I'm practically asleep at my desk. I'm running mortgage numbers and estimations non-stop for our offer on Sunday. Trying to figure out how high we're really willing to go on this house. I know what our initial offer will be, but if they don't accept (which is likely) what will our next step be?

My mind is racing. It's exciting though and I keep thinking about all the exciting things we'd be able to do with the house. We'd finally have'd have a lot of space! I get so excited thinking about tearing down all that awful wallpaper (I have a serious hatred of wallpaper). I keep thinking about all the different colors I'd like to paint. It's so exciting!

However, I am REALLY dreading packing up the condo. On January 31, 2003 I closed on that condo so I have lived there a long time. I have accumulated a lot of crap. It is not going to be fun going through it all and I really should make an effort to toss a lot of stuff instead of just bringing it to the new place.

Pat is working tonight until 11pm and he's working in North Conway all day tomorrow. On Sunday we're putting in the offer and then grocery shopping. Not too exciting, but necessary since we didn't shop last weekend.

The good news is that we have not gone out to eat at all! Yay us! My month resolution is sticking so far.

Forty-five more minutes to waste.

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