Monday, January 5, 2009

Cooking at home

In an effort to eat more at home we went grocery shopping this weekend to stock up. We now have a really stocked kitchen and this is totally rare for us.

We also made it a whole weekend without going out to eat. At the pace we had been going this was a huge accomplishment. We've changed our mindset into having dinners out be special occasions and not just every night. My resolution for January is to not buy food at a restaurant or convenience store. This means cooking at home and bringing meals to work. Not only will we save money, I might even drop a couple of pounds!

We're also thinking of moving forward with the house in Gorham. We had both sets of parents look at it on Thursday and both thought it would be good if we could get it for a really good deal.

The one thing I am still curious about is that it has a Portland Water District right of way on the property. Essentially the lines that feed Portland water from Sebago Lake run under the property. I won't lie - this does concern me. What if a pipe bursts? That's a whole ton of water that would essentially flood the whole neighborhood. I also want to find out what the ROW gives them access to and what we can do (if anything) with the affected land. We'd love to have a pond out back, which would be so easy since the land is pretty wet. But can we?

So we'll see! I'm kind of dragging my feet on talking to a mortgage broker because I want to see how our 2008 taxes look. Soon enough we'll have all the information to be able to make an informed decision on this.

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