Thursday, January 15, 2009

Putting in an offer!

We are going to be putting in an offer on the house in Gorham on Sunday. I personally wish it could be sooner, but this was the first time all our schedules worked out. After that it's a waiting game to see what the seller wants to do. I hope he truly is motivated, as his listing states.

I am really itching to get out and use my new snowshoes, but it has just been too cold. Speaking of the cold, I really don't enjoy it at all...but I accept it. I know that since I live in Maine there are just times that it's going to be cold here. So what I can't understand is why everyone else seems to be complaining about it. Aren't they just as used to it? The only thing I will complain about is that our house seems to be cold! The furnace is running but it just doesn't seem to be keeping up with the cold.

The last change that is happening this month is we're switching insurance companies and finally getting on the same policy. This will save us quite a bit each year, so that's good news!

Now I must get back to work.

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