Thursday, August 14, 2008

Getting nervous?

One of my readers asked if I was getting nervous yet. The answer is kind of twofold.

I am absolutely not nervous to marry Pat. I've never felt more sure of anything in my life. We just click. We get each other. Things are easy with each other. Obviously I'm 30, I've had numerous relationships. Some long (4 years), some short. Based on that I feel like I have knowledge to weed out the good and bad. We're good. We're really good.

Does that mean we'll be this good forever? I hope so. However, I know people change. Circumstances change. Life has bumps in the road. It's not going to be easy. What I feel about Pat and I is that we're committed to going through all those changes and bumps in the road together. This marriage isn't just something we're doing, it's something we're becoming. Something we're being.

So what am I nervous about? I am nervous about the wedding itself. I am nervous about being in front of all our friends and family. I am nervous about the reception not flowing the way I imagine it happening. I am nervous that people won't have a good time. I'm nervous about not getting all my projects done.

So what I'm nervous about are just the logistical items.

About being married - I'm nervous about combining our money. This will be a very huge change for me and it scares me a little. Pat and I are both very responsible with money (now) and we're totally on the same page with everything so I know it will be fine.

So that's it. Not nervous about being married...just a little nervous about the 'getting' married part!