Friday, January 15, 2010

Grocery Shopping

As a fairly budget/money conscious person I have been frustrated at the amount of money we waste spend on food each month. I get especially mad when it seems like we never have any food in the house.

As I do when any problems face me, I turn to the brilliant people of the web. Do you know how much money people are saving (and blogging about) at the grocery stores just by clipping coupons and shopping sales? It's insane.

So I took our last two Sunday papers that were still sitting around and clipped all the coupons. Then I matched it up with the sales fliers. Last night, Pat and I tackled the store.

I realized a few things. First, I need a system to organize the coupons. Second, it's best to do this type of shopping when the store is empty (we were there around 8:30). Third, we have been wasting SO MUCH MONEY!!!

Last night we shopped smart. We did not buy one thing that wasn't on sale. In addition, I had coupons for a lot of those items. Score!

We walked out of there spending $62.90. We SAVED $51.39 between sales and coupons. Awesome.

In addition, we shop at Shaw's which gives us a gas reward of $0.10 of per gallon on our next fill up and we use our Discover card for the 5% cash back.

So, being the anal accountant that I am, I set up a spreadsheet to track all this saving I plan to do this year. I can't wait to see what I'm able to do once I set my mind to it!


JennDawn said...

Its really worth the time to clip and watch the sales fliers. I cut our bill in HALF! We used to spend 150 bucks on 2 people it was embarrassing, this is even with making my own things and not buying too much generic.

Mary said...

I saved $7 today at the grocery store. While that may not seem like alot, it was all from coupons, and I was shopping at Walmart, who really doesn't have sales..they "rollback" their prices. I know those items cost more at the regular grocery store. I only go to the regular grocery if I know they have a sale on the food I have coupons for, AND it will be cheaper than Walmart (b/c sometimes sale+coupons=more $$ than Walmart still).
Anywho...god job with your deals, and remember to look online for printable coupons too. 5 of the 7 I used today were printable, and high value.