Friday, January 22, 2010

Awesome savings!

Last night at Walgreens my total was $73.00 before I handed over my coupons. After the coupons my total was $39.20, plus $5 in register rewards and a $15 rebate. Net total of $19.20, or a savings of $53.80! That is insane and it is all stuff we'll use (toothpaste, dishwasher detergent, cereal etc).

I did just find out that the rebate on the facial cleanser is not valid in Maine (what the heck?), so I'll be returning those items.

Then we went grocery shopping at Shaw's and had a ton of savings as well. Our pre-sale total was $131.22 (which WAS a normal shopping trip for us). After the sales and coupons the total was down to $83.28. That's a savings of $47.94!

I am really, really, really getting in to all this shopping and saving. We even used a coupon at dinner last night!


Mary said...

Holy cow girl! I am curious to what all you bought and saved on! Isn't it exciting to save money on the necessities you hate to buy, like TP, deodorant etc.?

Kasi said...

Great job on saving! We started clipping coupons last week. It's actually fun to see how much you can save!