Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Baked Stuffed Haddock

Do you know how great it is living close to your parents? Well, if you have awesome parents like's pretty great.

Last week Mom & Dad made this amazing haddock with crab meat stuffing and Mom dropped some off for Pat and I. It was delicious. They seriously made the stuffing with a pound of crab meat. Yum!

She even dropped off the potatoes for us. She's so great.
In other news, we had some friends over this weekend to help us with some yard work. There was this stump I wanted up righted and some more trees to cut down. So Mitchell & Phil made their way down from Fryeburg to help us out. We spent our evening sitting around our fire pit table enjoying some burgers and beers. What a great weekend.

The boys up righting the stump:

That's the huge brush pile we hope to burn soon if we ever get some rain.

Our backyard with the two leaning birch trees gone:

The front yard with the Daffodils up:

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Emily said...

that meal sounds pretty amazing. I love crab.