Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easy Beef Stroganoff!

Growing up, beef stroganoff was one of my favorite meals. My Mom makes it the "right" way.

I cheated.

I starred this recipe from a blog I read months ago and just never got around to making it (like the million other recipes I have starred).

Anyway, it was very easy and very good. The best part? It makes a ton so we have enough for lunches tomorrow! It was also very quick to prepare, which is a MUST for me if I'm cooking after work.
We both really enjoyed it and we will definitely make it again. The only changes I made were using fat free sour cream and "no yolk" egg noodles (which are 99% fat free). All in all it was a pretty healthy meal!

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Kara said...

We had beef stroganoff for dinner last night too!