Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Emergency Aid Delayed...

My favorite morning show (The Free Beer and How Wings show) talked about this ridiculous story this morning. I was outraged.

The story is linked here, but in case you don't want to read it, here is a summary (video also posted below, with the actual call).

This poor 17 year old girl is watching her father have a seizure on the floor, just THREE weeks after having brain surgery. What is she supposed to do? Call 911. What are they supposed to do? Help her.

After ringing and ringing with no answer, she hangs up and calls back. It rings and rings and before the person picks up the phone she says "What the F***". Keep in mind, this is before the officer answered the phone.

He proceeds to flip out at her for swearing, hangs up on her and doesn't dispatch anyone for six minutes. He never finds out what the emergency is.

She shows up at the police station and he arrests her.

Ok, I am flipping out. When you are faced with an emergency OF COURSE you are freaking out. You're 17 and watching your sick father have a seizure and nobody answers 911.

I have family in the public safety field, as most of you know. My sister is a 911 dispatcher and my husband is a paramedic. NEVER would they act like this. This is just plain crazy.

Was she perfect? No. But was the officer ridiculous? Yes.

End result - the father is ok and the officer got a two week supsension. That's it.

Here is the news story about it:

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