Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend activities

I was thrilled that when I got home on Friday night we did have our electricity back. It was out most of the day Friday so the condo was a little cold, but at least we had lights. Some of the state is still without and poor New Hampshire was slammed.

The most important reason I needed electricity Friday night was I had to make my mother a birthday cake! It was also a fabulous reason to use my new Kitchenaid Mixer that was a wonderfully generous wedding gift!

The cake turned out alright, I certainly could use some help in the decorating department, but it tasted pretty good. I am also (always) proud of my homemade butter cream frosting. No jar stuff here! (I really can't believe I'm actually sharing this photo).

The craft stores around here offer some cake decorating classes. I might sign myself up for one at some point when (if) things slow down. Until then, this is what I can do. It's not much, but at least Mom (who always does the cakes) had a homemade birthday cake that she didn't have to make. (She was thrilled with it).
Sunday we made our way up to Fryeburg for Jacob's third birthday party. I must remember that three year olds are obsessed with dump trucks that move and make noise. We got him a huge fire engine (which he also liked), but those dump trucks were great. I hear his fleet will be growing at Christmas and I know he'll be excited. We always have so much fun when we visit Mitchel and Courtney, we just don't get up there very often.
This week will be all about Christmas shopping! I have some ideas for almost everyone...we'll see what happens!

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