Monday, December 8, 2008

It's been a month?

Wow, I really suck. So what has been so pressing that it has been keeping me from blogging?

Poignant as that may sound, it's the truth. Work has become increasingly busy, which is not all bad. Pat has been home more, which is all good.

We are still looking at houses. This weekend we looked at four and have one more on our radar to look at soon. One is a gorgeous new construction and one is a house that will need a lot of TLC. Both have their plusses and minuses.
But are we there yet? Are we ready to buy a house? No. Not yet. I still say it will be around 9 months. I think we'll start seriously looking in May and buy at the end of summer. I hope the market will still be in our favor at that time...I have a feeling it will be.

I have finally changed my name with Social Security and with DMV. In a week or so I'll have my new license and I'll be able to update banks, credit cards, loans etc. While I am excited about having the same last name as Pat, it's truly a surreal thing to just become someone else.
We have our professional pictures from the wedding finally. I am very happy with them. I feel there are some important ones that she missed and didn't fully "get" me when I told her I wanted a bazillion 'detail' pictures, but overall they are wonderful.
Here's a taste:

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