Friday, December 19, 2008

Crying on the way to work

Not the best way to start the day.

Why was I crying? My favorite radio show, The Free Beer and Hotwings Show is doing their annual "holiday break-ins" right now. People will nominate their friends and family who are down on their luck to have a "break-in" done. The show will go in and essentially deliver Christmas where one didn't exist before due to hard times.

This morning they gave them a new mini-van. It was a single Dad with three young kids and he couldn't provide because he spent all his money fixing up his car and then the car died. He had been left by two different women who left him with the kids. Wow. It was so emotional to hear the letter that was sent in by their sponsor and to know that with this mini-van the Dad can get to work and hopefully give this family the boost they need.

The show does not take any credit for it. They don't leave any type of note. I can't imagine this Dad and kids coming home today and seeing presents that just covered the living room floor and a new mini-van in the driveway. Amazing.

It made me feel so lucky for all that we have. We have jobs, a warm house and food on our table. I also love hearing that there are good, generous people and companies out there. I know this show can't help everyone that wrote in, but they changed this family in a huge way.

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