Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wedding Recap #1

The days leading up to the wedding were insane. Between getting everything to Martindale and trying to get everything done I was just exhausted. I think I was running on pure adrenaline.

On Friday we needed to bring the last load of stuff to Martindale and set up the candy buffet. They failed to tell me there was a meeting at 3pm in our room so we had to rush and get it done before then. After that we rushed home to shower before the rehearsal dinner (RD). I was supposed to meet my bridesmaid, Deb, at the hotel before the RD, but there wasn't any time for me to check in. She checked in for me and then we scooped her up on the way to the rehearsal.

Of course people were late to the rehearsal and that ticked me off. I don't know what is so difficult about planning ahead, but some people just don't get it. The rehearsal was nice. Father Murray did a great job of having everything organized and it ran very smoothly. Everyone understood their jobs and it was great.

After the rehearsal we went over to Espo's for the dinner. Mom had made Pat an ambulance cake and it was pretty cute. Everyone got a kick out of it and it tasted great. The dinner was awesome, food was excellent. Pat loved his gifts (socks for cold feet, bailey's for really cold feet, a compass to find his way to the church and a Citizen watch so he wouldn't be late). He gave me a 32GB itouch that I love! Our bridal party loved all their gifts and we quickly thanked everyone for being a part of our day.

Unfortunately Pat's groomsmen seemed to want to stay and drink (on us) so we had to kick them out eventually. I needed to get back to the hotel to sleep! I was staying at the hotel with Deb and Pat was staying at the condo. He stopped by the hotel and it was actually sad saying good night to him. Before he left we practiced our first dance in the courtyard, it was pretty cute.

Deb and I stayed up until around midnight and I actually slept pretty good that night. I think exhaustion had set in! I woke up around 6:30am and then finally got out of bed around 7am. Of course my sister called to tell me she was running late meeting us for our hair appointments. We arranged just to meet her at Orbit Salon.

We got to the salon and everyone started getting all beautified. My sister didn't end up being late at all, which was good. I thought she was just going to get her hair done as a blow out, but she ended up with an updo. I'm not sure the person listened to her and that's my only complaint with the salon. It seems that they heard "wedding" and automatically thought "updo" and did what they wanted without listening to anyone. I didn't like Mom's hair so we had to tame it down at the hotel when we got back there. However, after three discussions with my stylist (Hillary) we finally got on the same page and I liked my hair.

Back at the hotel it was kind of chaos. The photographer missed the hotel (although I'm not sure how that was even possible since it's huge). Mom couldn't figure out how to lace me in, not entirely her fault since she had never done it by herself before. But she screwed it up twice, which really delayed us. Dad showed up on time, but I wasn't ready. I then realized the limo wasn't there, so I had Deb call Pat to find out about that. He had confirmed the limo the day before, but when he called that morning they had a pickup time of 2:30 instead of 12:30. Talk about pissed!

So once I was dressed I had to get in the back of Mom & Dad's car to head to Martindale. I debated about skipping going there, but we couldn't do pictures at the hotel since Pat was there getting ready with his groomsmen and I needed to drop off the scoops for the candy buffet.

At Martindale we took some group pictures and made sure everything was being set up properly. It looked great and I was very happy with everything. I hope we got some good pictures there, despite the rain. However, I couldn't relax because of the limo. They assured us they would be there (Martindale) to take us to the church, but time was ticking and I was stressing. I made Deb call one more time and luckily they had just driven by the road and were turning around.

What is with vendors that don't have good directions??

Ok, that's part one. I'll continue with the ceremony next!

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