Monday, October 20, 2008

Wedding part two

So on the limo finally showed up and we got in to head to the ceremony. I was sitting sideways and I'm not sure if it was car sickness, or hunger, or nerves or what, but I got a little sick. I think it was a combination of the three. Addie luckily had some water and I was able to calm down.

When we got to the church and saw the parking lot I got very emotional. I actually said "wow, all these people are here for us". It was overwhelming - more than a normal Sunday mass and it choked me up. I started seeing all the cars of all of our friends and family and I got so excited. Luckily nobody could see us in the limo.

Eventually Mom had to get out and see what the status was. At that time Pat's mom came over to say hello. She told me that she had a moment with Pat a few minutes before and she had made him cry. The church doors were open so I could see the groomsmen and I was getting so excited!

It seemed like before I knew it I was getting out of the limo and into the entryway of the church. It was so surreal. I saw Pat across the way so I rushed off to the side. I had the girls fluff out my dress and attached myself to Dad's arm. I saw Pat walk down with his best man and the priest and he looked very emotional. I was shocked that I didn't lose it!

Soon the music started and the mothers were being sat. Next it was the bridesmaids turn and then it was just Dad and I. We were both adamant that we weren't going to cry. It was tough! The music started in and we entered the church. I remember seeing everyone stand up and I was a little overwhelmed. I remember seeing Kenny & Carla and Addie's parents and then I looked at Pat. He looked so handsome standing up there.

We reached the front of the church and Dad was kissing me and shaking Pat's hand and then he put my hand in Pat's hand. It was so sweaty!! I have never felt him have sweaty hands before. He was a little emotional, but we didn't have much time to enjoy it. The priest said a few words to us to calm us down and we were off!

The ceremony was wonderful. Erica and Pat's dad did our readings and Father Murray did an awesome job with the homily. When it came time for vows, Pat messed his up a little and I basically forgot mine. Father Murray needed to prompt me a little and I think my voice broke a little. I also know that I wasn't very loud, it's hard to say those sacred words loudly!

The rings were on, the first kiss happened, the blessing was next, communion was fast and we were married! I can't wait to see the ceremony pictures because it was such a blur to me. While I was totally in the moment during the reception I really thought the ceremony flew by. A total blur. But I wouldn't have had it any other way. I thought it was perfect.

Before I knew it we were walking down the aisle and people were clapping for us. We did a quick receiving line in the narthex, but it went by really fast. I really enjoyed seeing everyone right then, although it did feel a little rushed. I think I was just reeling from it all.

After the receiving line we did some pictures in the church, but we didn't do enough. I wish I had been more organized with the pictures. See, I thought we were having two photographers so they'd be all over everything. Then we ended up with one and I should have been more organized to ensure everything was covered. We did get one with Pat's Mom's side of the family, but no other big wedding party pictures. We also got VERY few full wedding party pictures and that's sad. I would have liked a few more. My brain just wasn't in it.

Next it was off to Martindale for the reception! Stay tuned for part three!

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