Saturday, March 20, 2010

I love free stuff!

I really stockpiled on toothpaste this week as I just can't resist free stuff (even better when I 'make' money off it). Then I read over at Common Sense with Money about a money-maker on Sudafed Nasal Mist. So today after picking up the coupons my Mom and Aunt save for me I headed back to Walgreens.

DSCN2377.jpg picture by jaimebeth9

Since Pat was with me (and I had 4 coupons) we were able to really score. Oh, and I also picked up better than free Reeses Dark Chocolate peanut butter cups too.

Since I started this on January 14th I've spent $521.78 on grocery and household items and I've saved $524.44. That's not including rewards of $83 I have to spend in the next few weeks ($26 Shaw's, $19 CVS & $38 Walgreens). It also helps that I have all three of those stores within one mile of our house as well.

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Kasi said...

I really need to get on this! You have saved tons of money!! i clip coupons but I haven't ventured out and into CVS & Walgreen's for their deals yet.