Tuesday, March 30, 2010

92. The Husband

After reading Odd Thomas I was looking forward to reading another 'Odd' book. However, they were all checked out at the library. I figured if I enjoyed Odd, perhaps I'd enjoy another Koontz book. Well...it wasn't terrible. But it wasn't great. It definitely didn't captivate me and wrap me up in the characters.

Ask my husband, I have a way of getting VERY wrapped up in a book. It never surprises Pat to walk into a room and see me sobbing my eyes out over a good book.

I'm not giving up on Koontz! I do want to finish the Odd series and at the rate I've been reading lately it won't be long!

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Kasi said...

You should read his older books like The House of Thunder, The Funhouse, Whispers, The Door to December, The Bad Place, etc. I really enjoy his books written in the 80s to late 90s. I stopped reading his books before he wrote Odd Thomas and all of those types of books so I can't compare but if you aren't going to give up on Koontz definitely try one of his older books. He was my favorite author when I was younger.