Friday, February 20, 2009

Pure Awesomeness

I have a great love for Girl Scout cookies. I'm sure it stems back from the days walking up and down the neighborhood with Erica trying to get some orders.

One of my all time favorite cookies is the samoa cookie. All the caramel and coconut goodness - yum! However, I don't buy them anymore. Why? Because you only get around 17 cookies in a box. That is ridiculous. I still support the Girl Scouts, but I'll buy some Thin Mints where you still get a good number (although less than you got when I was a kid).
Speaking of my cookie order, when is it due in?
However, today someone pointed me to pure awesomeness. A recipe for knock-off Girl Scout cookies. Because I'm feeling super generous, I'm going to point you in the right direction - - she has a link over to the right on her blog on her DIY cookies. Awesome and I can't wait to try them now that I'm actually going to have a real kitchen to cook in.

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