Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sad News

I just found out today that my best friend's Mom has about three weeks to live. Linda (Amy's mom) has been like a second mom to me my whole life. For 29 years our parents have lived next door to each other and our mothers have been the best of friends. I feel so awful about this - I've never known that someone has X amount of time left. It's just hard.

I know Mom and I will go see her at some point. I believe she'll be in a hospice until the end and this is just so hard for me to accept and understand. I know she has been sick, but it's hard to know that this is really the end.

What's also so difficult is that Amy is 9 months pregnant in California. She's due 7/28. Her doctor has cleared her to fly home, but I don't know if she will or not. I personally can't imagine not coming home to say goodbye to my Mom, but she also has to think about the her health and that of her unborn baby. Such a tough decision. I don't know what I would do.

Linda has had diabetes ever since I have known her. She's been going downhill quickly over the past month and they found out that her liver is basically all cancer at this point. There is nothing they can do, she just isn't well enough. Oh, it's just so so so sad.

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