Monday, June 23, 2008

Invitation land

That's where I'm living these days. I'm eating, sleeping, breathing invitations. For a while I was stuck on the design. Now that I've worked that out, I'm stuck on whether or not to put a matting layer on it.

Part of me loves the simple look of it. The other part loves the regal look of a mat. The other part of me thinks that the 100lb cardstock for the inserts feels too flimsy by itself. Oh the dilemmas!

I swear, I can't even answer normal wedding questions these days without these invitations popping into my head. I am currently (like right this minute) supposed to be printing out the inserts, but I'm not.

Jaime, why aren't you? Because I can't decide on the matting. If I do mats I'll have to make the inserts smaller. So what good would printing be at this point?

Ok, I am making a decision tonight, one way or another.

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