Tuesday, January 10, 2012

10 on the 10th

On the 10th of each month I'm going to try to take a picture each hour for 10 hours and post them.  A little snapshot into my (boring) life.

Here we go:

A cup of coffee in my UMaine mug.

The beautiful shells I keep on my windowsill from my trip to Nantucket this summer.

My office.

The book for my photography class was delivered.

I went out on my lunch hour and got a cute Valentine's Day wreath.

A frozen meal for lunch.

The heater under my desk keeping me warm.

My phone that seems permanently glued to my ear.

The calendar that stares me down every day.

Finally leaving work for the day.

Not a very exciting day at all.  While at work it was actually hard to find things to take pictures of.  Next month the 10th falls on a Friday and it's right before Valentine's Day.  Maybe I'll have to think up some type of a theme to make this a little more interesting for the reader.

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