Sunday, May 9, 2010

Savings Update

I haven't done a savings update post in a while, but I'm still shopping and saving like crazy! Since January 14th we've spent $809 in groceries and household items and we've saved $1,227. I have gotten multiple items for free as well as made money on them. I had some great ones today!

I saw on broke207 about a Vaseline Sheer Infusion money maker at Shaw's. Side note...'broke207' cracks me up because aren't we all broke in the 207? For those of you that don't know, 207 is the area code for Maine. All of Maine.

Anyway, back to the money maker. For some reason, Shaw's had Sheer Infusion on sale for $2.49. When I saw that in the blog I was shocked because I had just seen it at Walgreens for $5.99. Anyway, I had SIX coupons for $3.75 off that were expiring today. With the prospect of making $1.25 on each of these I had to make a trip to Shaw's. Luckily there's one about a mile from my house.

I wasn't disappointed! In order not to have overage I bought a couple other sale items and got all the stuff below for $2.05. Savings of $45.50!

I also had a coupon for $1 off the Red Baron by the Slice so I ended up getting those for only $1.99. I've never had them before, but it was cheap enough to try once.

I also got some great deals at Walgreens. I had a lot of Register Rewards to spend ($15) so the total below is a little skewed by that. I spent $5.63 and saved $31.22.

I love when I find things on clearance that I have coupons for. The Dial soap was on clearance for $0.50 and I had a coupon for $0.35 off. I'd say $0.15 for two bars of soap is pretty good. The Infusium leave in treatment and Bic razors were free after coupons and the EOS shaving cream was free after Register Rewards.

I was also out of face cream and I love love love the Neutrogena cream so even though I didn't have any coupons, I didn't want to buy anything else since I always end up hating it. I also bought some mixed nuts because I plan on attempting to make baklava soon.

So all of that for $5.63 out of pocket was pretty good. I also got a $3 Register Reward so that's net $2.63 for all that. The face cream alone is $9.99...gotta love having a lot of Register Rewards!

We have a closet in our house that is all stuff I've gotten free or super cheap. I was even able to put together a pretty good "grab bag" full of stuff for Mom for Mother's Day today. (Yes, she knows it was all free...she was glad!)

This couponing and sale shopping has really changed the way I see sales and shopping. I am really happy with all the savings and having a 'stocked' house.


Mary said...

I've been getting alot of disposable razors lately for cheap. There have been alot of coupons for them, and combined with a sale, it's hard not to buy them!
I like that you are keeping track of what you spend and what you save.

Kasi said...

Great job Jamie! I've haven't gone bargain shopping in awhile. You're making me itch to do it.

broke207 said...

thanks for the shout out! (and nice work with the coupons). i've been really lousy about getting my shit together for the really great deals. and i won't lie, i'm TERRIFIED of walgreens. is it safe in there?

Alee said...

I found your blog through "enjoying the small things" and love it already! We have a newlywed blog too: