Saturday, April 24, 2010

Book Update

The Help

So obviously I've been doing a lot of reading and I've gotten too far behind in my blogging when I tried to give each book its own post. Luckily there are a million reviews out there on most of these books, so I don't really have a lot to add.

The one most people probably haven't heard of is the first one, Saint Maybe by Anne Tyler. As I mentioned a few posts ago I really enjoy her writing style and the stories she tells. Saint Maybe is a fascinating story of family obligations, the choices we make and the consequences of them.

For most of the rest, they've all been turned into movies that I plan on seeing. Like most people I know, I like to read the book first. Now I can get caught up on some really great movies!


Mary said...

I'll be interested to hear how Push compares to the movie. I thought the movie was excellent.

likeschocolate said...

I loved the Help! It was fantastic!