Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I was so annoyed this morning on my commute to work (not that it takes much in the morning).

I was driving along, minding my own business when I quickly came up on a stupid Subaru doing about 15mph below the speed limit. When the idiot noticed me (and about 10 other cars) behind him, he put on his 4-way flashers and pulled about 1/2 into the breakdown lane. When I attempted to go around him, he sped up and got back in the lane.

Ok, now he's going the speed limit so I kept a normal driving distance behind him. About 2 miles later the same thing happens again. This time I was able to get around him as we were on a straight away with no traffic.

But really. If you put on your flashers and want someone to go around you, make it easy for them by pulling off into the (large) breakdown lane and slow down. Do not speed up.

My commute has always been between 30-45 minutes, but since I moved to Windham it's down a 2 lane road instead of the highway. Oh, how I miss my highway commute.

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