Monday, March 30, 2009

Back to cooking!

Now that we're somewhat settled I need to start cooking at home again. Yesterday we did pretty good (cereal for breakfast, tuna fish sandwiches for lunch and scrambled eggs and toast for dinner).

Tonight is also grocery shopping night, since we never got there yesterday.

I decided to look through all the starred posts in my google reader to get some ideas. So here is the proposed week's menu:

Mon - soup or a lean cuisine (boring, but I will have zero energy after grocery shopping)
Tues - Cranberry crockpot pork
Wed - Crockpot salsa chicken
Thurs - leftovers (Pat works)
Fri - Homemade macaroni & cheese (Gram's recipe)

I also intend for these to be used as lunches all week as well. I guess we'll see how much each recipe will make. I am so anxious to get back to cooking and start trying some of these yummy recipes I've been drooling over!

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Mrs D said...

I do my grocery shopping every Monday and I refuse to cook that day! I always make sure to cook a little extra on Sunday night to get me off the hook for "Not in the mood Mondays." :)