Saturday, November 1, 2008

Lazy Saturday

Just sitting home on a Saturday. Pat's working in Gorham and I'm relaxing. I've done a little cleaning, but it feels good to just relax. I have been so busy at work that my brain just really needs a break.

Two days before our wedding my company was purchased by a new start up company. Luckily I still have a job. Unluckily there was a ton of work that needed to be done quickly. I had to set up a whole new general ledger system and new processes for everything. It was great to have some interesting work to do again, but it was frustrating because I felt like I was so behind.

However, now I am basically caught up and it feels great. I am excited about the new company and about the new systems we've got in place. I have almost the full control over the day to day retail business (the Walmarts and Walgreens etc) so that's exciting as well. I really want to take the retail side and own it. Run it better than it has ever been run and really stay on top of things. I have this new drive to be a great employee.

The other piece of my "post wedding" life is that I need to focus on the CPA exam. This is something I'd like to have out of the way in the next two years or so. I need to get some study materials and get to work. It will be tough, but I will get it done.

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