Thursday, October 18, 2012

Weight Loss Update

I haven't really been very public with this as I'm kind of a private person, but I've really made a lot of progress and I feel like a whole new person.

I did Jillian Michael's body revolution over the summer and I had great results with that.  Since then I've been focusing on Zumba, which is amazing.  I am totally in love with it and I'm seeing (and feeling) great results from it.

I've lost a total of 36.6 pounds from my highest and I've got nowhere to go but down.  Life is so good on this journey!

I want to share my weight chart from 2012 (daily weigh ins).  There are natural fluctuations and some weeks that weren't as great overall, but the chart tells the big picture and when I got serious in May.

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Allison said...

Jamie this is awesome!!! Thank you for sharing, that's a huge accomplishment! Keep up the great work!