Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Feb = no fast food


I made it the whole month without falling into the fast food trap.  I don't really miss it.  I do miss the convenience of it, but not the food itself.  I guess that says something.  Even though my month is over I won't go back to eating fast food as often as I was.  Sadly it didn't help me lose any weight, but I'm sure it will over time.

Current challenge - no soda.  It's been a week so far and I'm doing pretty good.  I do really miss soda though, I won't lie.  I only ever drank diet, but I did some reading about how that's not good for you.  So, it's crystal light for me for now on and maybe eventually going to just straight up water.  We'll see.  I drink the crystal light iced tea constantly at work (to the tune of well over 120oz a day of it) so I'm not sure I could give that up.  Oh, and I have my one cup of coffee in the morning.  Gotta have the caffeine fix.

Happy leap year! :)


Emily said...

great job!!

Mary said...

Good job! We gave up eating out anywhere for 5 weeks before our vacation, and it really wasn't all that hard. Sure it is fun to go out, but we made some yummy food at home. We used to eat out 1+ times a week. We are planning on limiting it to twice a month now that our initial challenge is coming to an end.