Tuesday, November 8, 2011

You're not a dog!

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How many of us automatically think about food when we think about celebrations?  Need to celebrate something?  Go out to dinner!  Miss your friends?  Meet them for happy hour.  So much of our lives revolve around food.  It's normal, obviously we need to eat.  However, I know I need to remind myself every now and then that food should not be a reward.  If I could only get it through my skull that food should only be looked at as fuel for your body instead of something to take pleasure in dieting would be a lot easier.

I've been back on the treadmill this week, Monday and Tuesday so far.  It has been easier with the time change so it's not pitch black out at 6am now.

There may also be talk of another get together with my internet friends next year with a race as the focal point and I'd like to be able to participate in the 5k if it happens.  Even if it doesn't happen, it's a good goal to work towards.  I certainly know I could walk a 5k, but it would be great if I could actually jog/run it.  We'll see!

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Mary said...

I struggle with food as a reward too. But then I think about what else I would want, and I can't think of anything.