Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer in Maine

This has been one of the absolute best summers in recent memory. Pat and I have been doing our best to soak it all in (despite demanding work schedules).

Today I had the pleasure of introducing Pat to a true love of mine. Sebago Lake. While I didn't technically grow up on this lake, my road did dead end at the lake. We also spent countless days at Cub Cove swimming, many days on the boat fishing and even some overnights at my friend's uncle's house.

Before today I don't think Pat understood my love affair with this lake. He gets it now. He totally gets it.

Today we drove around for three hours on the boat just soaking up each ounce of summer. Breathing in that lake air...I swear it smells different. Dreaming of living on the lake in all of those beautiful houses. Waving at fellow boaters as we passed them. Marveling at the wildlife (a Bald Eagle, Loons and Deer). Reminding ourselves that this is right in our backyard and we are so so so lucky.

Sebago Lake is the deepest lake in the state (316 feet) and is also the water supply for the greater Portland area, so it is incredibly clean and fresh. It's also 45 square miles making it the second largest in the state. I just simply love it.

If you click on the picture it should open up larger so you can see where I grew up and where I live now in relation to this fabulous lake.

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